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Find potential sales leads at fairs and company exhibition events, and immediately capture information about them using MoreApp’s leads forms. Build your own sales leads app or use the already existing one in the MoreApp platform. The proposal app is available on iOS and Android and can be accessed both online and offline. Send the new leads to your office instantly after capturing them.




What is a lead form?

A lead generation form is a form that allows sales representatives to capture important information about potential customers. The captured information is used to initiate customers' interest in products or services that the business offers. MoreApp’s lead form enables the digital collection of lead information so it safely stored and does not get lost. Add the contact details of the lead, information about the workplace, note, sign them up for your company’s newsletters and more! Export the information of the leads to Excel or Google Sheets to easily process and operate with your captured data. The app is perfect for using at both company’s exhibition events to capture leads in real-time or in an office environment to perform routine lead generations.

MoreApp Platform Lead Forms App

Add leads details

Professional-looking reports

Reduce human-errors

Sends proposals instantly

What are the benefits of a lead form?

One of the greatest benefits of using MoreApp forms is that you can personalise them to capture information that is most relevant to you. The app is also perfect for use at exhibitions as it does not require an internet connection to fill out forms. You can capture all your data offline and as soon as the connection is restored, the information will be emailed to you or the responsible office. Digital lead forms are also a great substitute for paper forms as all captured data is stored in one place and doesn’t get lost. By working with digital forms, your company also work more sustainably as there is no more paper waste!

MoreApp Lead Forms App

The app works on- and offline

Export data to Excel

Secure data storage

Work sustainably

"MoreApp works online and offline and we are not dependent on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G coverage. The app caches all the data and once the connection is restored, it sends the data to the database. There are not many apps that work like this."

Blauw Research

Dutch consultancy company

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