Inventory app 

Use the inventory app to check and assess your inventory stocks. The inventory app can be personalised to your company and the inventory that needs to keep track of. The app can be adjusted with the MoreApp digital Form Builder: simply drag and drop widgets into the form. Checking inventory has never been easier!




What is an inventory app?

An inventory app is a form used to record systematic inventory for companies.that is stored in a company’s warehouse. Receive the reports of the completed forms immediately and automatically send them to the responsible teams. MoreApp guarantees secure data collection and storage as it is ISO27011 certified, so our clients don’t have to worry about confidentiality and security issues! MoreApp’s inventory form can help inventory clerks, warehouse workers, business managers and anybody who is responsible for the inventory check to optimise their work processes.

MoreApp Platform Inventory

Secure data storage

Fill out forms remotely

Works on- and offline

Automatically insert date and time

What are the benefits of an inventory app?

Provide your employees with an easy and intuitive way of checking inventory stocks which help to save time and standardise routine work operations. Automatically insert date and time, pin location, add inspector’s details, import inventory lists, scan barcodes and more! The app works both online and offline, so your employees don’t need an internet connection to perform their tasks. Working with the digital inventory forms instead of paper one also contributes to the sustainable work processes of your business.

MoreApp Inventory form

Easy to complete

Easily personalise the app

Receive instant reports

Work eco-friendly

“What I like the most about MoreApp is that everything happens in real time and the inspectors can even work offline. That makes MoreApp a very flexible tool.”

Clean City

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