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An incident report documents problems and root causes of incidents in the work field. These incident reports are often complicated forms, yet critical to prevent a more severe incident. With a digital incident report, you easily inform all stakeholders in a professional manner. Create your incident report with MoreApp and make sure the work environment is healthy and safe.




What is an Incident Report?

An incident report is a comprehensive report that documents evidence of incidents, accidents and injuries in the work field. The information is critical to identify causes and problems in order to prevent more serious incidents. When an incident takes place it is important all details are documented. This way you can directly follow up and take action.

Incident report forms are often used in the Service & Maintenance and Construction sector for high-risk jobs. These reports are an important way to ensure security in the workplace. With a digital Incident Report, you easily fill in essential information and sent it directly to all involved parties. All data is safely stored because MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified.

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What Are the Benefits of a Digital Incident Report?

A digital field service tool can be very beneficial for your company. With MoreApp’s digital incident report, you choose a user-friendly solution that is always accessible even when you are offline. Create within a few minutes a personalised incident report form. Make important fields required for information not to be forgotten. Drag and drop widgets to your form to add Photos, Signatures, Dates and Locations.

In case there are any witnesses you can add statements and get your report immediately signed. It is possible to customise your digital incident report with the Word integration. Designing your report with the Word integration is very easy and can be entirely adjusted to your needs. Your professional report will contain useful insights into what can be changed and improved in the process.

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