Expense claim app

Use the expense claim app to easily claim expenses. Thanks to the expense claim app, it's no longer necessary to keep your paper receipts. Help your team to claim their expenses with the app available for iOS and Android devices. Include the date, amount and the receipt. Integrate the app with your salary or accounting software to further optimise the reimbursement process. Start your free trial and start digitising your work processes today!




What is an expense claim app?

An expense claim app is used by employees who make expenses on behalf of the company. Create your own expense claim app with MoreApp's online Form Builder. Add the name, date and time to the form. Take a photo of the receipt as proof of the expenses. Your employees can quickly and easily complete their claims via the app. Digitise the reimbursement process and avoid hassle with paper receipts! The expense claim app works both online and offline. After completing the claim, a report is generated in real-time. This report is automatically forwarded to the administration who can proceed to payment immediately. 

MoreApp Form Builder Expense claim form

The app works offline

Automatically add the date and time

Add the GPS location

Add the receipt

What are the benefits of an expense claim app? 

Replacing the paper reimbursement forms with the expense claim app will improve employee satisfaction. No more hassle with paper forms and losing receipts! Next to that, it's no longer necessary to drive to the office and to hand in paper receipts. With or without an internet connection, the expense claim app works anywhere and everywhere. Another big advantage is the time you save with the expense claim app. The app automatically calculates the costs of multiple claims. After completing the form, MoreApp generates a custom email, that's sent to the employee and the administration. Lastly, it's very easy to apply changes to the form. All employees automatically have the latest version available on their mobile devices. 

MoreApp Expense claim app

Calculate the total costs

Email a copy to administration

Integrate with payroll software

Immediate payment

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