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Use EHS checklist digital form to conduct environment health and safety checks of your company facilities. Assess electronic devices, the environment in which they are stored, accessibility of emergency exits and other important condition of your facilities. You can personalise the checklist to your company requirements by adding or removing widgets from the form.




What is an EHS checklist app ?

EHS checklist is a form that helps to identify, evaluate and estimate potential hazards in low-risk environments such as offices. Environment health and safety form ensures that the basic requirements of a safe workspace are met. In the MoreApp Form Builder, you can find various widgets that can help you optimise EHS checks. For example, use digital signature widget to sign off the completed form, add information about the inspector, such as name and contact details, to know who is responsible for the task, add notes next to the failed checks to report on them, and more!

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What are the advantages of an EHS checklist app?

Track the safety status of the environment in your company by using MoreApp’s EHS checklist. Standardise the procedure of safety checks by using the same digital forms for all your future inspections. This allows to keep a good track of data and compare it to the previous checks to ensure the past issues are resolved. The completed EHS reports can be emailed to the responsible managers or other parties automatically after their completion. Moreover, MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which guarantees secure collection and storage of all your information. MoreApp’s EHS checklist can be useful for HR, safety officers and EHS managers at any company that operates in an office environment. Sales, call centre, and technology companies can find this app especially convenient for assessing their hardware and working conditions.

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