Customer feedback

Use the customer feedback form to let your clients provide their comments about your company’s products or services. The feedback form can be personalised to your company and the information that you want to gather from your customers. The form can be adjusted with the digital Form Builder: simply drag and drop widgets into the form. Creating customer feedback forms have never been easier!




What is a customer feedback form?

The customer feedback form is a tool that helps companies to collect feedback from their customers. Obtaining customer feedback helps to better understand what they think about your product or service, which can be useful for improving your business. MoreApp’s customer feedback form is a secure and effective way to collect feedback from your clients in a digital way. Immediately receive the feedback reports as soon as your customers fill them up. MoreApp also ensures that all information is kept securely in a database and will not be lost. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which guarantees the secure storage of all data.

MoreApp Platform Customer Feedback

Secure data storage

Fill out forms remotely

Works on- and off-line

Add a rating scale

What are the benefits of a customer feedback form?

Provide your customers with an easy and intuitive way of giving their feedback about your company. Let the customers rate your products, provide suggestions, leave their contact information and answer any questions that you would like to receive answers for. The app works both online and offline, so your customers can provide their feedback anytime and anywhere. Working with the digital customer feedback app instead of paper forms also contributes to the sustainable business processes of your business!

MoreApp Customer Feedback form

Easy to complete

Easily personalise the app

Receive instant reports

Work eco-friendly

"With MoreApp you can quickly come up with solutions. It takes less than two seconds to actually use a form that has been created with the online Form Builder. No MoreApp employee or developer needs to be involved."

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