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Streamline your auditing processes using MoreApp digital forms. The Construction Site Audit template is an intuitive and efficient tool to collect data in real time. This template is available for iOS, Android and Web.

MoreApp's Form Builder lets you choose between a variety of widgets to customise your forms. Add photos, include comments, indicate the date and time, use geolocation and much more. Your data will be stored securely in one place.

With MoreApp you take control of your audits and keep better track of the regulations on site.




What is a Construction Site Audit?

A Construction Site Audit is an in-field inspection to validate the status of the construction. It detects whether or not procedures have been carried out correctly and if resources have been managed properly.

Use our Construction Site Audit Template, created specifically to capture and collect all the data on site, to perform global study of it. As a result, the evaluation process becomes faster and more efficient.

You can complete your audits with MoreApp anywhere and at any time. No need to worry about an internet connection. Using the Platform, you can import and export data from completed forms to Excel.

Thanks to the variety of widgets in our Form Builder you can create an even more professional design for your audits, adding your company logo, photos and signatures.

Construction Site Audit Form

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What are the benefits of a Construction Site Audit?

A Construction Site Audit lets you improve the process of your evaluations. After finalising the audit visit, a PDF report will be generated with all the collected information. With one click, you can send the audits to all the people involved.

MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that your data is always safely stored. All information is assembled and you are able to access it whenever necessary.

Digitising your processes will increase the quality of the service you offer. Work will be accomplished faster and more efficiently. You can personalise your workflows even more by integrating MoreApp with other applications, either with our integrations or by using API. Improve your processes by managing your audits optimally. Try MoreApp for free!

Construction Site Audit App

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