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Use MoreApp’s digital consignment note to efficiently document the delivery of batch products to your clients. The digital consignment note is a great alternative to paper delivery forms. It saves time on filling the consignment notes and sends the report immediately to organisations and individuals that you choose.




What is a consignment note?

A consignment note is a digital form that enables vendors and customers to efficiently fill out consignment delivery forms. The digital form allows recording the general consignment information such as date, delivery address, gross weights, and others. It also includes digital receipt notes which can be signed in the app using a digital signature tool. The quick and easy fulfilment of a consignment form helps your employees to save time and reduce the chances of making mistakes.

MoreApp Platform Consignment Note

Automatically add date and time

Add a digital signature

Professional looking forms

Easy to adjust the form

What are the benefits of a consignment note?

One of the greatest advantages of using MoreApp’s consignment note form is the assurance of secure data collection and storage because MoreApp is ISO27001 certified. The information recorded in the app can also be exported to Excel, Google Sheets or professionally-looking PDF reports. You can send there reports to your customers, vendors, or employees responsible to tracking deliveries to keep everybody updated with the latest consignments. Moreover, by having you delivery data digitalised, you can always go back to the previous reports to compare delivery information and make more informed decisions in the future. Working with digital consignment notes also reduces the carbon footprint of your company as no paper forms are being used!

MoreApp Consignment Note App

Work on- and offline

Secure data storage

Export data to Excel or Google Sheets

Work eco-friendly

“The data is sent quickly to both the employee and the customer. With MoreApp we get to improve our processes because we no longer have to scan and print our reports.”


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