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Digitalise and improve your business processes by using MoreApp’s cleaning checklist. The intuitive digital checklist helps your employees to collect and record all necessary information during a cleaning inspection. Receive PDF reports of the complete checklists instantly or send them directly to the office. A digital cleaning checklist saves your employees time on routine tasks, so they can focus on what is really important.




What is a cleaning checklist?

A cleaning checklist is a list of instructions that cover tasks that need to be done to maintain the facilities clean and tidy. The checklist allows you to collect data in real-time even without an internet connection. You can use the already existing cleaning checklist form or build your own with MoreApp’s Form Builder. Pick widgets that will help you complete your jobs and simply drag and drop them into a form. Add facility address to track object that have completed a safety inspection, cleaner’s details to know who is responsible for the tasks, digital signature to confirm that all tasks are completed, and add facility details that need to be inspected to ensure that all important sites are clean. These tools will help you to optimise cleaning tasks at your company and allow to track their performance.

MoreApp Platform Cleaning Checklist

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Fill out forms remotely

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What are the benefits of a cleaning checklist app?

One of the benefits of using MoreApp’s cleaning checklist is that it replaces your old paper forms with the digital ones. It allows you to inspect previous cleaning reports to check if past issues still persist. That way the data is stored securely, can never be lost and the past information can be accessed at any time. The forms can be filled out on a smartphone or tablet and no internet connection is required! You can also import and export data, integrate your software with our connectors and APIs, sign the forms digitally to approve cleaning checklists, and more! The app is perfect for maintaining and tracking cleaning tasks at any companies, but especially the ones operating in the hospitality industry or office based companies such as sales or IT.

MoreApp Cleaning Checklist form

Automatically insert date and time

Easily personalise the app

Receive instant reports

Work eco-friendly

“The data is sent quickly to both the employee and the customer. With MoreApp we get to improve our processes because we no longer have to scan and print our reports.”


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