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Use MoreApp’s Business card app to collect contact information about your prospects. You can adjust the app to request information that interests you the most, like the services your prospects are interested in. With MoreApp you can have total control over the information that you gather! Store all the collected data securely and access it anytime from your database.




What is a business card app?

A business card app is a digital form that helps you to request business information in the most efficient way. You won’t lose the business cards of your potential clients and stakeholders, because the data is collected digitally. Also, you don’t have to carry around paper business cards anymore, which saves a lot of paper! With MoreApp, data can be collected both online and offline by using iOS or Android.

MoreApp Platform Business card app

The app works on- and offline

Take photos of business cards

Directly receive a PDF report

Collect standardized data

What are the advantages of a business card app?

Collect information about different businesses in a standardised manner. Fill in contact information such as the email, phone number, business address and more. Another advantage is that the new contact directly receives an email from you. Add a great-looking email to the business card form. That saves time in manually sending follow-up emails.

MoreApp Form Business card app

Email PDF reports to your colleagues

Send digital business cards

Integrate with CRM

Working sustainably

"MoreApp is a great alternative to expensive and time-consuming programming. MoreApp allows us to quickly create new forms and share them with all our stakeholders around the world."


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