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Life's too short for manual tasks. Now let's introduce Zapier. This automation platform connects MoreApp with your favourite tools and services. Is your company working with different tools that are not working together simultaneously? Zapier plays a significant role in streamlining workflows and reducing manual tasks. Create the most powerful automations between Zapier and MoreApp and boost your productivity and efficiency.

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Zapier Allows You To Connect All Your Apps

You name it, Zapier has it. Unlock over 3000+ possibilities with this integration and streamline your workflows with MoreApp. Simply add a new connection of what app you want to use and create a new Zap. Zapier allows you to display your submission data in live charts with Power BI or automatically add rows to Excel for new submissions. Say goodbye to manual data entry and keep your team in the loop. Upgrade your MoreApp experience!

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Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

Automating processes allows you to skip repetitive and manual tasks. Zapier will free up your time for more important work. What other benefits will Zapier bring your company? Expect improved data accuracy, significant time savings, enhanced connectivity, and better collaboration between different apps and teams. Explore Zapier and control your workflows.

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Make Your Life Easier with Zapier Templates

Zapier's workflows, called 'Zaps,' simplify tasks using Triggers and Actions. Triggers start Zaps, like getting a new submission, while Actions are the follow-up events, such as creating a new Task. For more complex automation sequences, use multi-step Zaps. Each workflow can be customised and tailored to your specific needs. Zapier is known for its user-friendly interface, you don’t need any technical experience to get started. Use the pre-build Zapier templates for common use cases.

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Discover 3000+ Integration Possibilities

Zapier supports a wide range of apps and services. Take your digital forms and workflows to the next level and connect MoreApp with your other software. How can our Team help you with your specific needs and requirements for your projects? Book a call for specialised advice. We are here to help in every step of the way.

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