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The forms app of a Dutch housing association and one of their maintenance companies saves both organizations a lot of time. Where do these time savings come from?

Both the housing association 'De Goede Woning' and the maintenance company 'De groep' have drastically reduced their error margin because of their forms app. Digital forms directly arrive at the right person, forms don't need to be retyped, supervisors don't have to make phone calls to ask questions about unclear filled in forms, and the supervisors don't need to come by the office to pick up and deliver paper forms.

Digital tender

The Dutch housing association manages over 6,000 apartments. Project manager Ivar ten Have is always looking at new opportunities to digitize. "If you go digital, you really need to go all the way and eliminate every single paper." I spoke to Ivar on the day he had his first digital tender. "We invite various parties for the maintenance and replacement of elevators of a building. The calculation possibilities in the forms make this very interesting. All parties fill in their asked amounts with our forms app and the app calculates the total cost. Everyone is immediately provided with all the information which cannot be manipulated with."

Daily forms

For the maintenance and the mutation of 6,000 apartments, 'De Goede Woning' daily fills out these forms with their forms app:

Woningcorporatie oplever app MoreApp

Major maintenance

'De Goede Woning' organizes meetings where residents fill in their preferences for their apartment with the forms app. The residents choose the color of their kitchen, and so on, like a digital catalog and they immediately see what the costs are. Ivar: "Before, these were huge piles of paper forms that had to be processed later." Errors do not exist anymore since 'De Goede Woning' uses their forms app; "Before when a paper form was retyped incorrectly, residents could get the wrong color tiles in their kitchen."


Ivar says that implementing a forms app within your organization is easy. "Colleagues who worked with the exact same paper form, recognize the digital form in the forms app. There is no explanation needed. Conveniently there is a search function in the forms app. The supervisor opens the report of the first handover and checks if the open tasks are fulfilled during the second handover." Ivar is also happy with the Form Builder. "The icons are right where you expect them to be. MoreApp is easily accessible for questions and their support is really good."


'De Goede Woning' referred MoreApp to one of their maintenance companies 'De Groep'. Their director, John van der Hoeven, is enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of the forms app. "Without much experience, I built digital forms for handovers, receipts, workspace inspections, visit reports, inspections, and orders. I can make adjustments myself and my employees immediately have a new version of the form on their tablet. Forms don't get lost somewhere in the organization, but directly end up with the right person." The biggest advantage for John is that if they fill out a form and immediately an action follows. "A form needs to be processed immediately, with MoreApp this is the case!"

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