Hulphond Foundation Captures Donor Information with Digital Form

The Hulphond Foundation saves 40 hours per week with digital forms! Their volunteers, who were previously typing the paper forms into the computer, can now focus on other activities.

Hulphond has been training dogs for people with physical and mental limitations for more than 30 years. In addition, the foundation offers therapy with dogs for children with behavioural problems. In the first year a dog is trained by a host family and in the second year the training is tailored to the needs of the client. The dog eventually learns between 75 and 125 different commands, from opening a closet to pressing an emergency button.

Recruiting Donors Digitally

Hulphond volunteers record the information of new donors on the street, using a MoreApp digital signup form. Up to hundreds of donors are registered every week. The data is recorded in a secure manner and is placed directly in the Charibase CRM. The donor automatically receives a pretty email with a PDF containing the recorded information.

Bjorn Manders, Head of Donation Recruitment: "Two volunteers, who were previously involved in typing paper donor forms, are now engaged in other activities."

Recruiting Students

At university colleges the foundation is engaged in attracting students for the position of recruiters. The recruitment form looks professional. The most important thing is that forms are now error-free, without illegible manuscripts or damp paper. Bjorn: "The recruitment form saves Hulphond a lot of time, given the drastically reduced number of errors."

Why did Hulphond choose MoreApp? Bjorn indicates that the good accessibility and fast response of MoreApp were the deciding factors. The requirements? The forms must be easy to build and edit, so that they don't have to waste time chasing programmers when setting up a new campaign. Bjorn adds: "The automatic IBAN and zip code checker in particular prevent a lot of noise!"

Watch MoreApp in use in this video made by Strict:

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