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Comercial Ferro S.A., located in Panama, uses digital field service reports to improve the company’s productivity and customer relationships.

Comercial Ferro S.A. sells high-quality industrial equipment. The services that the company offers include advising on projects, installation of equipment and preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Control your Reports

Cofersa (Comercial Ferro S.A.) uses MoreApp to carry out the field service reports of the equipment they install for their clients. The field staff completes these reports during their customer visits, including an overview of the installation work. The reports are used to monitor the work and performance of the technicians. Also, when there is an issue with a machine, it can be fixed right away which results in fewer production interruptions.

Working with MoreApp enables Cofersa to:

Improve your Work and Take Care of the Environment

A digital way of capturing data helps the company with an accurate history of the work performed. When the customer requests any information, the information can be exported easily.

A MoreApp subscription is a good investment for Cofersa. The company saves a lot of money on paper and ink while improving the quality of the field service reports. The team has to no longer waste time on tasks such as scanning paper documents or making follow-up calls.

The elimination of paper forms allows the company to be environmentally friendly. Together with MoreApp Cofersa contributes to the positive change in the global sustainability problem.


Optimise the After-Sales Service

After considering several options, Cofersa found that MoreApp had everything it was looking for. MoreApp is very easy to use and to personalise! Digital forms allow the company to provide a high-quality after-sales service, which differentiates Cofersa from its competitors.

"The work is done more easily and even the customers congratulated us with the changes made thanks to this Platform." - Diego Ferro

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