De digitale urenregistratie van een installateur

The digital timesheets of an installer

EVB Group saves 38 hours per week because has been carrying a digital record of hours and miles since 2013. These are posted immediately to the corresponding projects. Read how EVB saves that much time!

The allround electrical company in Holland consists of an in-house control panel workshop where 12 technicians work on various projects. In addition, EVB also works with 12 electricians who are engaged with projects in industry, utility, maintenance, and control. They work on location at different projects such as: automatic control systems, cooling and freezing equipment, rubble crushers, lighting, data, telephony and entrance technology. EVB Group has more than 200 customers, from machine builders to production and meat processing companies.

Daily records

The workshop follows a lean manufacturing process. The production of the panels are divided into pieces, that is why the technicians work on many different projects each day. Three tablets are available at the workshop to track the hours worked per project. Henk Grun, deputy director: "One piece of paper was too small to write the hours of these short-term projects. Each week the technicians wrote their hours on 60 pieces of paper. Now we no longer need to precess these and save 16 hours per week."

Time-tracking app

"With so many drivers and projects, it is important to have the hours and mileage registration in order. The electricians in the field work on multiple projects each day. They work with the app and record their start and end time and also scan the project number. At the end of the day they enter their breaks as well. Completing the timesheet is much faster on a phone than on paper. This saves an additional 10 hours per week. "

Integration with back office

"We link MoreApp to our back office system named AGP. The data from both panel builders as the outside electricians come automatically into our system. The system calculates how many hours are worked and how many kilometers are driven. This is much more accurate than the process we went through before we worked with the app. Now numbers are not rounded, but are accurate to the minute.

Before, every Tuesday, we got everyones timesheets and the project manager checked these and added the production numbers. Next to an 8 hours inventory, it also saves 4 hours retyping per week. Now we are no longer dependent on the administration; if they were off, we would sometimes wait a week for the results."

De digitale urenregistratie van EVB


"Timesheets now come directly into the system, so we have a quicker and better understanding of the ongoing projects. During the project we keep a close eye at the forecast and we make adjustments if projects are not on schedule. "

Form Builder

Henk: "It's nice that I can create forms entirely to my taste. It's fun and easy to do. Other apps are not as flexible as MoreApp. You can do a lot with the Online Form Builder, but we love our forms simple and easy, so everyone understands how they should be filled in. The next step is to digitize work orders, inspections and checklists that we still do on paper."

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