Digital Protocols for CARIFY with MoreApp

Digital Protocols for Swiss Vehicle Subscription Startup

By using MoreApp, the Swiss startup CARIFY has digitised its work processes and has been able to achieve enormous time savings. The company uses protocols for vehicle handovers that have been created and tailored to its processes. Would you like to find out more about CARIFY's digital and sustainable way of working?

CARIFY - The innovative mobility solution from Switzerland

CARIFY is an innovative Swiss startup. With a unique business model, the startup acts as an interface between customers and car dealers. The technology platform enables customers to sign up for sustainable and flexible vehicle subscriptions.

With the help of the platform, CARIFY created an incredible marketplace. This makes it possible for car dealers to offer vehicles to end customers in the form of a subscription. The dealers make their vehicles available to the Swiss startup and receive a monthly commission in return. The 3-year-old company carries out all services such as customer communication, booking processing and vehicle insurance. Thanks to the innovative business idea, CARIFY prevents cars from being parked and left unused. It also reduces the production of new vehicles. CARIFY creates a completely sustainable and flexible mobility solution for customers. A flexible solution that is currently very much in demand and one that contributes to a positive impact on the environment.

With its services, the young company exactly knows what the customer needs: The new generation of electric vehicles can make use of a platform that creates a great opportunity to try out new types of cars with a flexible subscription!

CARIFY uses MoreApp for vehicle handovers

A digital solution for a quick and easy vehicle handover

CARIFY offers a unique service because car dealers from all over Switzerland provide the startup with their vehicles. The innovative platform was created so it enables end-users to order vehicle subscriptions. The subscriptions are particularly popular since the use of public transport has seen a decrease during the pandemic.

The company was looking for a sustainable and digital solution to create a uniform and error-free protocol for both contracting parties. CARIFY uses MoreApp’s forms to digitise service processes. The focus is on vehicle handover and return forms, as well as protocols for changing tires. There is a great added value for CARIFY in adding images and signatures to their protocols in just a few clicks. It saves important time by using the digital format of forms. They are particularly important, as damage can be digitally recorded before and after delivery or return. The change to digital forms took place in just a few weeks and the car dealers are also pleased with this new and simple solution.

"The changeover from paper protocols to digital ones has simplified processes. We now have a more precise damage assessment due to the integrated photos and it is no longer necessary to scan paper forms and send them separately. This is all done automatically."

Finn Matiaska

Partnership Manager at CARIFY

The Swiss company creates around a hundred forms per month with MoreApp and each form saves them 10 minutes. It is thanks to digitised processes no longer necessary to scan traditional paper forms. In addition, by replacing paper forms, processes are much more sustainable. More than 300 sheets are saved per month! Another advantage is the automatic storage of the filled-in forms. No data gets lost anymore which was the case when working with paper forms.

Team CARIFY choose sustainable way of working with MoreApp

MoreApp’s Digital Forms are Intuitive and Transparent

For the further growth of the startup, it is extremely important to create forms as simple and intuitive as possible. MoreApp offers the ideal solution. CARIFY was able to make its internal processes faster, more transparent and more sustainable by using MoreApp forms.

The digital protocols for damage recording are much more accurate in the new digital format and with the available widgets. The Photo-widget makes it possible to upload photos of damage or to take photos directly with a mobile device. CARIFY is convinced of the user-friendliness of MoreApp because no extensive instruction is necessary to use the tool. Even users who are not familiar with online tools, find MoreApp very easy to use.

Would you also like to digitise your paper forms and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time? Discover our platform and start with our trial version.

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