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Digital intake forms

That's Lease, a car leasing company based in the Netherlands, uses MoreApp for intakes and deliveries of cars. Transparency is one of the key values for the founder Henk Griffioen. "The digital forms of MoreApp contribute to our transparency. Using MoreApp saves an hour 'hassle' per car." Henk explains this in our conversation.

"We use MoreApp for the delivery and intake of cars. We've created a useful checklist to verify that the spare car key and fuel card are present. Next to that, we can now take photos of the car if there is a damage. A photo says so much more than an X on a paper drawing."

No discussion

"In the past we used paper forms for every car intake. This way of working had some disadvantages: the form can get wet when it's raining, the writing can be unreadable, the person can forget to fill in information like the mileage and there is room for discussion and interpretation. This is also a point I want to highlight: since we work with MoreApp, we make a walk around the car while we fill in the form together with the driver. Both the driver and our employee sign the form and there is no more discussion about any damage, mileage and what is or is not present in the car. Customers are very happy with the transparency and innovation we offer them now. We have seen so many positive reactions. It's a shame to keep on working with paper forms now there is a tool like MoreApp!"

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Work Order

Besides the delivery and intake of cars, That's Lease also uses the app for its digital work orders. "When we take a car in and we notice that it needs a repair, we fill in a work order. The car repair company receives a copy of the work order which they use to pre-order the parts and to schedule the fixing date. Car repair companies are very happy with this because it makes working even more efficient for them!"

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