Customers Optimisation by Integrations

How Integrations Contribute to an Optimised Work Process

MoreApp is proud of all partner collaborations. When one of these collaborations contribute to a more sustainable energy market, we glow with pride. MoreApp’s partners deliver a great piece of art for their customers. A great example is Easylink, which delivers a fantastic solution for Stroomkr8. By automating all their workflows, Stroomkr8 can fully focus on energy solutions. The use of digital forms during daily tasks, allow Stroomkr8 to handle things quickly while keeping their data safe.

Integrating MoreApp with Other Tools

Easylink, one of MoreApp’s technical partners, is a Dutch software company, that provides scalable software integrations and solutions. They make it possible to digitise work processes and implement solutions with MoreApp for their customers like Stroomkr8. Optimising processes from A-Z is what they are best at. The customer benefits from this.

Quote: “All data can be retrieved via the Cloud. MoreApp is an open system, the API functionality is very important for us.”

Kees van Iwaarden,


Easylink Integrates MoreApp with Other Tools

The Power of Integrations and Data

Optimising workflows make a big difference for a company like Stroomkr8. It saves them a lot of time. Jasper Matthijssen, CEO of Stroomkr8 explains: “By automating workflows, I don’t lose any time that otherwise would have been spent on administrative tasks. The customer’s experience improves continuously.” Stroomkr8 uses MoreApp for the registration of data that is retrieved from metering services and contract details. This way they can simplify the procedure for their customers. All details that are necessary for a new contract, can be added to the digital form and are automatically saved to our CRM system with a ZOHO integration. Kees: “MoreApp’s added value is to translate the collected data to our systems.

MoreApp’s Added Value
High-level process automation is what Easylink delivers with its custom solutions. For Stroomkr8 this pays off in saving 1 FTE per month. Previously, the order information was sent manually on paper forms. Now, the customer fills in its details, the request is then processed and what follows is done automatically. Besides this, it saves them 1500 paper forms per year. Kees: “MoreApp offers a lot of various forms. The digital tool is flexible and the support they offer is an additional bonus. You can easily ask a quick question, this we appreciate a lot.”

Quote: “The standardization and simplicity of MoreApp work perfectly for us. It is easily accessible for both the user and the person who creates the form.”

Jasper Matthijssen,

CEO Stroomkr8

What is a MoreApp partner?
A partner is a company that helps other companies optimise processes with MoreApp's digital forms. Partners develop integrations, create forms and help customers to implement digital solutions.

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