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Easily perform your audits through the audit app. Create your own digital audit forms within only a few minutes. Capture photos, signatures and GPS-locations. Replace your paper audit form with your personalised audit app and start saving time on administrative tasks. Use the audit app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store, to capture data on- and offline. Configure reports to be sent automatically via email or integrate MoreApp with your current software system. Easily import data using Excel, Google Sheets or your own systems.




What is an audit app?

An audit app is a tool to collect on- and offline data of your audits. Perform your audits whenever and wherever you are. Make fields required to ensure all objects are inspected and add photos and signatures as proof. Easily edit your forms using the Form Builder. Send work instructions real-time from your back office to field workers. After filling in the forms, you will receive an automated PDF-report. Design your own reports aligned with your desired style. Export all data automatically to Excel, Google Sheets or another software system.

MoreApp Form builder Audit Form

The app works offline

Add photos

Let the customer sign

Add pins to a drawing or photo

What are the advantages of an audit app?

The MoreApp audit app has many benefits. You’ll increase employee satisfaction because employees can fill in the audits easily using their mobile devices. Next to that, digital audits bring many more options. Photos can be added to the report, which will bring up the customer satisfaction. With MoreApp, you can be sure that your data is well-taken care off since we are ISO 27001 certified. Lastly, there is no technical expertise needed to build digital audits using the Form Builder and you can test the platform for free!

MoreApp Audit form

Integrate with ERP or CRM software

Email the report to the customer or the office

Directly receive a PDF report

Import customers into the form

"With MoreApp we have gained a lot of speed when capturing data. We have reduced the time of data collection to half at every point of sale!"

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