Work instruction

A work instruction is a request for one or more users to fill in a form. You can pre-fill parts of the form, so the assigned user(s) can complete it.

MoreApp enables mobile users to receive these pre-filled forms, collect data on location, submit completed forms with photos, notes, signatures, GPS location, and many more.
Create work instructions rapidly and share them with the right person in the field. You can send the instruction to any device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or computer. The work instructions can be accessed and used everywhere. Increase efficiency and let the field technicians concentrate on what they do best.

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Work instruction

Pre-fill forms at the office.

Add a comment or note.

Send the instruction to one or more users.

The user receives a push notification.

Can be send right from your IT system.

No monthly obligation.

Pay-Per-Use pricing.

Unlimited number of users.

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