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Optimise the process of requesting and approving your employee’s leave by using MoreApp’s leave request app. The app automatically generates professional-looking PDF reports that can be sent to the HR office and other parties that need to know about the leave. You can personalise the app to your company or individual department’s requirements by adding or removing widgets in the Form Builder.




What is a leave request app?

A leave request form is a formal written request about a leave of absence by an employee to a manager. The purpose of a leave request is to keep track of when your employees are off and hold all information in one place. MoreApp’s leave request app is a digital form that provides a secure and efficient way to process leave requests within any company. The digital signature feature available in the app ensures an easy and secure leave approval process. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which guarantees the confidentiality of any data that it stores. The leave request app is a great solution for all employees, managers and HR teams at any company.

MoreApp Platform Leave Request

Add digital signature

Automatically fill in date

Email the results to HR

Securely stored data

What are the benefits of a leave request app?

The app contains many features that can help you optimise HR processes within your company. For example, digital signatures, automatic date filling, options of leave type and more! The information recorded in the app can be instantly sent to the HR office and department manager in a PDF report. Switching to digital leave request forms contributes to the positive footprint of your company and no paper forms need to be involved. Work efficiently and sustainably with MoreApp!

MoreApp Leave Request form

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Personalise the forms

Professional looking reports

Working sustainably

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