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The current corona pandemic demands extra vigilance from and every one of us. As an entrepreneur, it's important to take extra health measures. With the corona checklist app, you can easily check the health of your employees and visitors. The corona symptoms checklist is a simple digital form that can be completed daily by employees who work on- or offsite or by guests of your café, restaurant, bar or store. The forms can be completed anonymously to guarantee your employees' privacy. MoreApp offers a secure way to capture personal data. You can always find the data in the MoreApp Platform. Possible symptoms, such as high body temperature, are reported using the corona checklist app. By analysing the daily health reports, you as a company can act quickly and take additional health measures if necessary. We've done the work for you and created a ready-to-use corona checklist app!




What is a corona checklist app?

A corona checklist app is a digital checklist in which you’ll find a number of health-related questions. Have guests or employees fill in the checklist upon arrival via the app or a webform. If the employee or visitor has any of the symptoms listed in the corona checklist, they are requested to stay at home. This way, further contamination is prevented. All completed checklists can be found on the MoreApp Platform. If COVID-19 contamination is reported, you can easily search the MoreApp Platform for employees or visitors who have been at the same location to get in touch with.

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What are the benefits of a corona checklist app? 

To ensure your employees' safety, it's important to have a process in place to prevent employees and guests from being infected with COVID-19. Use the app, available for Android and iOS, to allow employees to complete the checklist remotely.

It's easy to set up a personalised corona checklist using the MoreApp Form Builder. The Radio-widget is a popular building block of these checklists. This widget allows the employees to quickly go through the checklist by simply selecting yes or no. Ready to start monitoring employee and guest health? Start the free trial!

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Required health questions

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