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Receive your reports in real-time, after completing a form with the app. With just one click, you receive a copy of the form in PDF, Excel, or Word format. When working with MoreApp, you save time in not having to retype data. The report is auto-generated, which optimises the workflows within your company.

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How to create report forms with MoreApp?

After creating your form with our building blocks, called widgets, you have the option to configure an email with a PDF report. Customise the PDF report by adding your own logo and company colours. You can also use Word or Excel to create your own customised reports.

After completing your setup, the report form can be used. Open the app, available for Android and iOS, and start filling in the form. After completing the form, an automatic email will be sent with the complete PDF, Word, or Excel report. This saves you a lot of time because you already configured the report, and this does not have to be redone for each submitted form.

Your reports are saved on our secure Platform, where you can always download them. You don’t have to worry about losing any collected data. Automatically save your reports to OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or any other tool with Zapier. To be able to access the reports anytime, anywhere, from your mobile device.

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