Digitise your reports

You are always one click away from your reports with MoreApp, the solution to digitise your forms. With MoreApp you automatically receive professional and customised reports. This means no more time-consuming administrative tasks. You can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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How to

Receive online reports

Creating a digital form with MoreApp is super easy. Make use of our widgets to customise your form and set up the email to send out a report to your recipients. By adding your logo and company colours to your report, you will always receive a custom-made report that you can access at any time.


Online reports

With MoreApp you will receive your customised reports in real-time. After completing a form, an email will be sent with your report in PDF, Word or Excel. All data is stored securely and you are always able to access your data.

Step 1

Create a form

Choose one of our ready-to-use templates or create your own digital form with our Form Builder. Personalise your form by using widgets to display photos, add checkboxes, and many other features. Your online form can be filled in immediately.

Step 2

Customise your online report

Configure your email, to make sure the right person receives the reports. With the Advanced mode, you can personalise your online report. You can add your logo and decide which parts of the form are visible in the report.

Step 3

Manage your data

You will automatically receive the reports in PDF, Word or Excel format. All your data will be stored and managed in the MoreApp Platform. Automate your workflows and integrate MoreApp with your tools, by using the API, Webhooks, and Zapier.

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