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Use the mobile forms app, available for Android and iOS, to fill out all your forms using your mobile device. Add photos, signatures and the GPS location to your form. Import and export data to Excel, Google Sheets or integrate MoreApp with another software system using the API. Improve the accuracy of your information and optimise your business operations. Use the intuitive MoreApp Form Builder to quickly create your own digital work orders, checklists, inspections, surveys and other work-related forms. Filling in forms has never been so easy.




What is a mobile forms app?

A mobile forms app is a tool to optimise your business processes by capturing data in a structured way! The app replaces all the business forms that you used to fill in on paper. Create your forms using the Form Builder and invite your employees or customers to fill in the forms using the mobile forms app. Use MoreApp to send instructions to your team, so they know what tasks to complete. You will receive a real-time report when a form is completed. The report includes your logo, the description of the job, photos and signatures, which looks professional. The app is available for Android and iOS and can be used on- and offline. From now on, you will always have your business forms at hand!

MoreApp Formbuilder Work Order Form

The app works offline

Give users rights to certain forms

Import data and search for it in the form

Add photos and a signatures

What are the benefits of a mobile forms app?

Using a mobile forms app has many benefits, such as spending less time on administrative tasks. MoreApp does most of the work for you! Increase the productivity within your company by offering an easy to use mobile forms app. The data you collect is much more accurate because the answers are easy to read, compared to handwriting. The captured data is structured and can be analysed in real-time! It’s possible to customise your forms using the Form Builder. The possibilities are endless. Stop worrying about losing paper forms and online data. With the mobile forms app, you ensure that the data is stored securely.

MoreApp Work Order Form

Add pins to a drawing or photo

Send push notifications

Export data to Excel

Email the PDF or Word report to colleagues

"MoreApp can be used in any process where forms are needed. The technical support and the easy Form Builder are the best qualities of MoreApp."


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