Inspection App

Conduct inspections in an easy way with the inspection app! Replace your paper inspection form with your own customised inspection app and start saving time on administrative tasks.

Use the inspection app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store, to capture data on- and offline. Collect photos, text and signatures onsite. Take it one step further by importing data from your ERP or CRM system. MoreApp will help you to automatically generate the reports by sending them real-time to your team or customers.

Digitise your inspection process by replacing paper forms for the inspection app.

Save time, travel light and work faster!

What is an inspection app?

An inspection app is a tool to collect data on- and offline. Whether you are onsite, with or without an internet connection, you will be able to work with the inspection app. The app will allow you to take photos, add text and signatures. Create a logical sequence for your inspectors to follow during the inspection. Make fields required to ensure all objects are inspected and all answers are complete, before submitting the form. The photos are especially great as they provide support to visualise what you have inspected!

Once you have filled in the data in the inspection app, your report is automatically generated and send via email to all involved parties. The report is fully customisable and contains all your captured data including photos. The customisation option will allow you to design your own reports in line with your company style and your customer's wishes.

With MoreApp you will be in full control of your own inspection app which allows you to capture all the data you need!

What are the advantages of an inspection app?

The advantages of the inspection app are endless! Not only will you save time on administrative tasks by replacing paper forms for the app, but your reports will also look more accurate and professional than ever. MoreApp provides real-time reporting which in its turn contributes to an increased level of customer satisfaction. Your customers will be impressed by the speed and looks of your reports!

Next to that, the inspection app helps to reduce mistakes to a bare minimum. You set standard fields for your inspectors which helps you to collect the required data. Data collection is done more accurately and taking action to solve a potential defect is done more quickly.

Furthermore, as you are in full control of your inspection app, it's easy to make any changes in your process. Any change you make, in the process of facilitating a logical sequence for your users, is done real-time!


"The inspection app is user-friendly, well-arranged, looks professional and can be used as evidence. We keep the forms as easy and short as possible!" - HomeFlex, housing agency from the Netherlands

Inspection App

The app works offline.

Add photos.

Let the customer sign.

Add pins to a drawing or photo.

Import customers into the form.

Directly receive a PDF report.

Email the report to the customer or the office.

Integrate with ERP or CRM software.

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