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Nothing is more important than safety measurements in the construction industry. Field service operations all require material handling, maintenance, equipment and safety measurements. Many administrative tasks come with it. Tired of all that paperwork and these time-consuming tasks?

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Forms for Construction

MoreApp is the tool to empower your field service operations. Your paper forms belong in the past and you can speed up your processes with days. Our digital forms can be used for work orders, checklists, workplace inspections and many more. Create your own online forms with our Platform or use one of our ready-to-use templates. We are here to make your life easier.

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First Advantage

Report easily in real-time

All our digital forms are easy to use. Fill in your form on location with our app and send the data in real-time to your customer. From now on processes and administrative tasks take up less time. A user-friendly, professional and time-saving solution.

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Second advantage

Less paperwork, less hassle

Replace your paperwork with our digital forms and increase your employee satisfaction. The efficiency will increase and the collaboration improves. You no longer risk losing paper forms and you can always access the app. Our app can be used both online and offline. All involved parties will receive an online report. Choose a sustainable solution.

MoreApp Less paperwork, less hassle

Third advantage

Increased safety of the work environment

Easily meet all the safety requirements. By making fields required in your form you can tick off all important inspection points. With our checklists, you collect all important information. Digital forms help you to reduce errors and safely store all your data.

MoreApp safety checklist

Integrate with your tools

Manage your data

Retrieve the data collected from your employees or customers directly from our Platform. Keep track of each submission online and manage all data in one place. Integrate MoreApp with the software you use to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

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