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Are you interested in having your own app for the workplace, health, and safety checklists that continuously have to fill in? MoreApp offers a digital form solution that will cut your inspection time in half!

People entrust their homes, businesses and workplace to inspectors, they give us the reassurance of safety wherever we are. Inspectors have plenty of responsibilities - they work on a day to day basis granting people's safety. However, traditional inspections consist of walking around with many checklists, a digital camera, pen and maybe even a heavy laptop. On top of that, the information has to be sent to the office for further processing. What a hassle!

Your Inspection App

With an inspection app, your company is able to double the daily number of inspections. The digital forms are automatically sent to your clients and the Form Builder makes creating and editing forms as easy as it gets. Digital forms are also good for the environment by decreasing the annually increasing paper waste.

You can have your own inspection app without having to invest a lot. MoreApp offers the possibility to create your own inspection app. The app will be built and supported by MoreApp but will exist as a separate app and platform with your company's house style.

However, with MoreApp digital forms there are many other benefits:

Alphaplan, Alphaplan a Dutch construction consulting company, conducting more than 100,000 inspections in existing properties uses their own inspection app with their logo and house style. You can read more about their success using MoreApp here.

If you have any questions regarding how to create your own Inspection app using MoreApp, contact us today.

*Rules are applied in order to hide or make a field visible. For example: During a survey, if you answer a question "Yes" or "No" fields containing questions relevant to that answer appears.

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