Rate your favorite plug-ins

On Wednesday May 13th we made changes to the MoreApp platform and added a nice new feature named 'OR rules'. In this post we would like to inform you of these changes.


We've made a small change to the Marketplace. It is now possible rate plug-ins. Checkout the Marketplace and rate your favourite plug-ins.


We've improved our monitoring capabilities. This has no direct impact on you, but it means that we can now more effectively check the status of our servers and ensure that things keep on running smoothly.

A really nice feature is the so-called OR rules. Normally when you made a rule in the platform all conditions of the rule have had to be met in order for the rule to trigger the action. With OR rules, you can change this behaviour so that only one of the conditions have to be met in order for the rule to trigger to action.

Mobile app

Several changes have been made to the mobile app:

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