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Tired of testing Digital Forms Applications and all of them in English? Your problems are over! Create Work Orders, Inspections, Time Tracking and other forms for Android and iOS in full Portuguese in less than 10 minutes!

A digital form is the improved online version of a paper one. Work Orders, Surveys, Audits, Checklists are just a few types of forms that exist. With so much diversity and sectors, we can ensure that the amount of paper used is impressive. Now MoreApp is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch and Russian!

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The Platform is where you create, manage, and view forms registrations. In addition, you're able to send notifications through the App and share forms with as many users as you want. The Form Generator, Database, Manager and Users, Consumption Data and other Settings can be viewed from the Platform. In the Form Generator, there is a wide variety of functions that allow you to elaborate and design Surveys, Inspections, Work Orders, Audits and much more! Here are some examples:

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