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Do you want to digitise your paper forms, but do you not want to pay for the service? No problem! With MoreApp, you can make and send your own digital forms for free!

When you sign up at MoreApp with a username and password, you will receive a free account which is called Forever Free! In this account, you will have 100 credits at the beginning of each mont. Each form that you fill in and send accounts for 1 credit, which means that you can sent 100 free forms per month! Instead of having to pay monthly fees for usage or to buy credits or forms, we do not have any subscriptions and our forms can be used for free!

MoreApp's Features

With the use of MoreApp, each user can make their own forms in our own Form Builder or download pre-made forms from our Marketplace such as a work order, checklist, inspection or intake form. When you want to make your own forms, you can add widgets to the form such as a date-widget, text-widget, checkbox-widget or even a signature-widget! Together with building forms, you can also configure an email which wil automatically send a PDF with the information the form to the correct person. Other features that MoreApp has are:

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